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Idea Consulting for Product Inventors

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From concepts to manufacturing, we will work with you to rapidly refine your idea into a valuable design that is commercially marketable.

New Product Consulting for Business Inventors

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We provide a full suite of expert product design & development consulting services for commercial producers and inventors to progress in popular marketplaces such as medical, aerospace, automotive, athletic, and entertainment industries.


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Product Consulting Services

Our innovations can be seen in outer space, in hospitals, and even implanted inside human beings. Choose our consulting for the long haul of your business and you’ll be very satisfied to work with an industry expert who has a lifetime of successful inventions experience.

Concept Design & Prototyping 

Whether all you need is FDA approval and marketing in the commercial marketplace, down to the smallest details like concept design and product prototyping we have the appropriate knowledge and resources to ensure your success.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

With commercial sales, manufacturing and production success in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Entertainment and Fitness we’re here to make your new product startup run smoothly.

New Product Consulting Experts

A History of Successful Projects

We’ve worked with dozens of innovative businesses and product inventors from initial design review and iterative CAD designs to prototype construction, production, sales and marketing.








Commercial Success

FDA Approval

When it comes to device development we follow a strict FDA guidelines based approach to ensure appropriate regulatory acceptance.

Functional Designs

We advise on functional design requirements, risk assessment, design, I/O and V&V ensuring maximum market sales and outreach capacity.

Patent Consulting

Prior IP research, patent applications support, and patent documentation consulting for those in need of expert patent advice.

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Choose TPC Design consulting services today and sell more products tomorrow! From rapid idea refinement, prototyping and IP analysis to mass production with a commercially marketable valuable design we’ll make your life easier.