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Medical Device Innovation

2010 Co-Founder of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Department of Surgery’s Medical Device Innovation Program. Advising the medical device industry on device design, function, surgical technique, regulatory pathway & company formation. Recently involved in founding SIG Medical Corp. & currently working on a medical device company that will bring a revolutionary treatment for hydrocephalus to market.

Invention Consulting Robotics

Manufacturing and Robotics

Patents in robotics plus extensive experience in designing and fabricating equipment for novel material and processing technologies, including 15+ years working with all facets of the 3D printing in various polymeric and metallic materials. Mr. Fell has demonstrated extensive capability integrating components of various scientific, engineering, and biologic concepts into a unified, fabricated laboratory device capable of progressing towards a viable commercialization effort.

Orthopedic Implants

Our first entrance into the medical field was as the developer of a new type of orthopedic implant for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. This implant allows for relief of the pain, correction of the deformity and significant improvement to post implantation patient activity and level of functionality. This implant, and its associated surgery, was novel in that it did not require any bone cuts of the knee, thus allowing for any subsequent operation to the knee to occur as a primary, not complicated revision, procedure.

Thermal Protection Systems

We had significant involvement in developing components of the thermal protection system of the Space Shuttle. This work continued with the development of a new, patented class of thermal / fire protection materials and designs that would subsequently, and currently, be used in most commercial aircraft in service today.

New Manufacturing Methods

Extensive work in the aerospace field with my development of a patented, high-speed honeycomb manufacturing method and apparatus, specifically for use with a new, emerging class of engineering grade thermoplastic materials. Primarily intended for use in aircraft manufacturing, it was later found to have applications in the automotive, recreational and footwear markets.

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Heat Insulating Blanket Patent

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