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Decades of Commercial, Medical & Aerospace Innovations


We have the knowledge and experience to take your product idea from concept, design and prototyping to FDA approval, production and commercial sales around the world.

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Consulting for Medical, Aerospace and Automotive Products

Growing the Future of Modern Innovations

Consulting on medical, aerospace and innovative commercial products based on decades of successful consulting, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales success. From concept to manufacturing, we will work with you to refine your invention into a design of commercial value and marketability.


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Consulting Services

Product Consulting

From concepts, IP analysis, patents, design and prototyping to fabrication, production, regulatory approval and sales we culminate good ideas into successful commercial inventions.

Medical Consulting

We specialize in useful product creation for the medical industry and have dozens of patented designs in hospitals and health care clinics throughout the world, from medical components and gadgets to medical implant products.

Aerospace Consulting

Early career involvement in the Space Shuttle led to patented thermal / fire protection components, processes and manufacturing systems which are currently being used in most commercial aircraft, and even sold to automotive and fitness industries.

Start-Up Consulting

We advise on various business panels, consult with medical departments, and mentor numerous business startups for equity share to encourage worldly innovations in medical, aerospace, automotive and mainstream commercial markets.

Business Consulting for Medical, Aerospace & Automotive Products

It’s Time to Unleash Your Most Successful Product!

From napkin sketches to manufactured parts, we will work with you to refine your idea into a design of commercial value and marketability.