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Barry has over 33 years as a consultant in composite materials and medical device industries. An extensive record in design, manufacturing and marketing novel materials, processes and devices. He has  a lifetime of experience in the creation of medical devices, advanced textiles, carbon composites, advanced high temperature materials and products for commercial and military vehicles.

Years of Inventions

Medical Devices

Years Consulting


He has extensive experience in designing and fabricating equipment for novel material and processing technologies, including over 15 years working with all facets of the 3D printing in various polymeric and metallic materials. Mr. Fell has demonstrated extensive capability integrating components of various scientific, engineering, and biologic concepts into a unified, fabricated laboratory device capable of progressing towards a viable commercialization effort.

Early in his career he had significant involvement in developing components of the thermal protection system of the Space Shuttle. This work continued with the subsequent development of a new, patented class of thermal and fire protection materials and designs that would subsequently, and currently, used in most commercial aircraft in service today. He continued additional work in the aerospace field with  development of a patented, high-speed honeycomb manufacturing method and apparatus, specifically for use with a new, emerging class of engineering grade thermoplastic materials. Primarily intended for use in aircraft manufacturing, it was later found to have applications in the automotive, recreational and footwear markets.


Services & Products We Offer

Product Consulting

Expert guide for serious inventors to take inventions from initial startup to mass productions, regulatory approval and national commercial sales.

Rapid Prototyping

TPC Design currently has 4 in-house 3D printers as well as a complete machine shop. We can make your prototyping process a breeze.

Machining Capabilities

Milling, lathe, surface grinding, mig welder, tig welder, plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene, and robotic surfacing.

Reverse Engineering

Let us reverse engineer your competitors part and suggest improvements and alternative solutions to increase product value.

Composite Fabrication

Vacuum thermoforming, vacuum bagging for resin infusion, extrusion, matched tooling, compression mold, hand lay-up, oven cure, dip molding, and robotic processes.

Software Knowledge

We use top of the line software including SolidWorks, FEA, Pro Engineer, MatLab, FreeForm Modeling Plus, and Osirix CT/MRI software.

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