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Method & System for Knee Joint Repair

The present invention relates to a method and system for restoration and repair of a body joint, such as the knee.


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A method and system for repairing a defect area in a surface of a joint include providing a mold having a first surface and a second surface, positioning the mold within the joint such that at least part of the mold first surface overlies the defect area, and depositing a repair material under the mold first surface within the defect area to create a repaired site within the joint.

United States Patent

#9 ,750,611

Patent Filing Date

July 24th, 2014

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Currently, there is a void in options used to treat the relatively young patient with moderate to severe chondromalacia involving mainly one compartment of the knee. Current treatments include NSAIDS, cortisone injections, hyaluronic acid (HA) injections, and arthroscopic debridement. Some patients cannot tolerate or do not want the risk of potential side effects of NSAIDS. Repeated cortisone injections actually weaken articular cartilage after a long period of time.

HA has shown promising results, but is only a short term solution for pain. Arthroscopic debridement alone frequently does not provide long lasting relief of symptoms.Although the system and method are shown and described herein as being applied to the repair of fractured ribs, it is understood that their application to the repair of other broken bones is fully contemplated.

Mobile prostheses may be implanted to attempt to restore joint function in the osteoarthritic patient. Such prostheses are typically designed to move over a relatively flat, smooth joint surface during the patient ROM. However, in the typical, moderately diseased osteoarthritic patient, the subchondral bone of both the plateau and condyle have become somewhat remodeled and reshaped due to the eccentric loading of the medial compartment.

Once the prosthesis is implanted, there may be further “reshaping” of these bearing surfaces as well as the underlying bony structure until their geometries are conformal with the prosthesis shape, thereby possibly leading to pain. Once the joint is realigned to a neutral or valgus condition, the soft tissue, which has tolerated the varus alignment for so many years, may be painfully stressed into this new alignment. Only under-correction of the alignment would prevent this occurrence, but this option would leave joint instability for the patient.

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