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Hockey Stick Blade W/ Replaceable Control Grip

A hockey stick blade with control fascia and replaceable control fascia for use therewith.


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Patent Abstract

The subject invention pertains to a control fascia adapted to be attached to one side of the blade of an ice hockey or street hockey stick. Ridges having a vertical component extending above the control fascia surface enable improved puck or ball control while offering freedom from unraveling, and minimum weight. The control fascias can be easily manufactured at low cost and are suitable for bearing logos or advertisements.

United States Patent


Patent Filing Date

Aug 24th, 1998

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General Patent Information

Patent Description

A control fascia adapted to be adhesively adhered to a face of a hockey stick blade, said control fascia comprising: a blade side and a control side, said control side having a plurality of ridges having a vertical component.

Having a height H.sub.r of from about 0.010 inch to about 0,075 inch, an average valley width V.sub.av of from about 0,010 inch to about 1.0 inch, and a granularity such that improved control of a scoring piece is obtained thereby, said control fascia supplied as a substantially planar sheet material to be applied to a face of said blade without requiring wrapping around said blade to effect mounting thereto.

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