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Continuous process for the preparation of thermoplastic honeycomb

The Honeycomb Manufacturing Process has successfuly evolved into Aerospace, Automotive, Athletics and more, and the light-weight thermal safety tech is used in commercial aircraft around the world.


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Patent Abstract

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb is prepared in a continuous manner one half cell at a time by laying down a corrugated web of thermoplastic, with and without fiber-reinforcement atop a honeycomb, selectively fusing the node-antinode demes and repeating the process until a honeycomb of the desired depth is prepared.

United States Patent


Patent Filing Date

May 31st, 1990

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Thermal Protection


Fire Safety

General Patent Information

Patent Description

1. Field of the Invention

The subject invention pertains to the preparation of fiber reinforced and non-fiber reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb. More particularly, the subject invention pertains to processes by means of which such honeycomb may be produced in an economical, continuous manner.

2. Description of the Related Art

Paper honeycomb was first made by the Chinese approximately two thousand years ago, but at that time it was used primarily as ornamentation and not as a structural material. The modern utilization of honeycomb structures began just after 1940, and today there are about ten companies manufacturing the various core types.

While the primary utilization of honeycomb structure is in the construction of sandwich panels, it has many other applications, such as energy absorption, air directionalization, light diffusion, and radio frequency shielding.

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