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Skin retractor & prop device & methods of use

Embodiments of the device can enable hands-free traction, counter-traction, and propping of the skin for a wide area of retraction, yet can be easily inserted through a small incision.


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The device can include a first member connected to a second member via junctions. The members can be statically or pivotally connected at the junctions via arms extending from cross-beams of the members. The junctions can be configured to provide a biasing force.

Methods of using the device may include collapsing the device and inserting it through an incision, allowing the biasing force to cause continuous traction and counter-traction adjacent to a leading dissection edge so that retraction of the skin from the tissue can be facilitated during a surgical procedure.

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August 4th, 2015

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Due to advances in cosmesis, such as autologous reconstruction and implant-based reconstruction, surgeries are being performed with increasingly more complex and intricate procedures. For instance, mastectomies and similar surgeries may be conducted through incisions that are sized and positioned for optimizing cosmesis, which typically includes performing surgeries through small incisions. While performing mastectomies, the plane between the subcutaneous tissue and the glandular tissue of the breast is dissected by traction and counter-traction applied to the skin and breast tissue. Yet, the nature of mastectomy surgery generally results in a large skin flap under which the surgeon must operate if such surgery is to be performed through a small incision.

This can significantly reduce the surgeon’s visualization, thereby increasing risks associated with incomplete removal of breast tissue, bleeding, and/or injury to the skin flap.

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